445 KM Road Trippin To Meet Benja

Finally, my first ever road trip from Semarang to Jakarta finished..
Its official I’m became a part of “mudik” society here
It was a long journey because we started from Semarang on Friday 5 p.m. and finish in Jakarta at 10 a.m. Saturday.. 17 hours for 445 km would you believe that..
I’m using 2 kinds of transportation and 2 optional plan for this trip and end up using backup plan..
05.00 pm
Off we go from SEMARANG.. Me and Mas, Robert is starting to pump in the engine from our flat.. Mas Rob take the steer first.. It’s all run well and smooth until traffic light before MANGKANG.. Suddenly it was packed and crowded.. Like an amoeba, cars seem to have an ability to multiply.. We stuck almost 45min.. Impatient Mas Rob trying his off-road skills here hehe.. Way to go.. After that it’s all back to normal.. Ps: watch out for the contra flow trap.. The police initiative with contra flow seems not working cause it even more stuck..
08.30 pm
Its already 3,5 hours we hit the road.. And we need to fill our gas, not the car gas but our.. Were craving for food before we turn to be a zombie.. At that time we have already entered PEKALONGAN, and the traffic as reported from bro Zia is heavenly chaotic.. So we decided to take a rest, keep calm and EAT. Since we’re having a road trip, eat a traditional local food it a must.. we need to find the traditional PEKALONGAN food.. So we eat Ayam Taliwang!
09.10 pm
With a happy tummy, we continue our journey.. Sounds like rhyme hah? Anyway, now its my turn to take control.. And I’m driving in an easy route in PEKALONGAN city with an average speed 5 km per hour.. Dude, seriously what happen to this city?? (not the city literally, but the traffic inside the city actually).. Why suddenly cars have an ability to copy paste!! It grows in an instant!! Even worse from MANGKANG traffic light.. Once again we are stuck.. Holly molly!! It took more than an hour to round up the city.. As I already said before I’m using many plans for this trip.. My ideal plan is driving along with Mas Rob to CIREBON from SEMARANG, to experience PANTURA Traffic (eat that!).. And continue to train from CIREBON.. My train ticket is to Saturday 00.33 am from CIREBON with estimate SEMARANG-CIREBON 6 hours driving as seen on google maps, I’m optimistic.. But in reality.. It took almost 8 hours to CIREBON.. Hello reality.. Bye bye plan A..
10.20 pm
I saw my train pass in PEKALONGAN, ah I’ve got an idea.. Why don’t I stop here and jump in to that train.. But my ticket is from CIREBON, it is possible? Can I? and the train passes..
11.31 pm
TEGAL.. I nearly turn to TEGAL Train station, but again.. can’t make a fast decision again ruined me.. There she goes again.. My lola chu chu..
00.30 pm
Within 3 minutes away from my train to departure, were still 40 minutes from CIREBON (according to google maps).. And I have already lost hope to take that train.. Plan B.
01.10 a.m.
CIREBON. Finally, we have safely touched the first check point. Asap was heading to the HARJUMUKTI bus station.. When we arrived.. Dang, where the hell is the bus that will take me to JAKARTA? Nil.. The authorities said that there is no bus to JAKARTA inside the station. “Mas keluar terminal, belok kanan geh, trus lurus sampe lewat lampu merah pertama, nanti masnya tunggu disana tah” he said with a CIREBON dialect.
So we are heading to the traffic light an wait until the bus came..
01.30 a.m.
There is no sign of a bus coming.. I’m waiting with a couple who wanted to JAKARTA using the same bus.
02.00 a.m.
Chit-chat.. Still no sign..
02.30 a.m.
No sign.. The couple gives up..
03.00 a.m.
Where are u bus? I give up..
03.10 a.m.
Travel CIREBON-JAKARTA.. Seems to be my last option. FYI, I already booked seat for travel to depart to Jakarta at 06.30 am.. But it would be my last throw of a dice cause I hate travel.. I have a tendency to always want to pee.. This transportation does not provide toilet right? Sigh..
03.20 a.m.
Staying at Mas Roberth house.. It’s a cozy one.. Time to sleep with a SpongeBob themed room.. His son’s room hehe..
05.00 a.m.
Mas Roberth wake me up.. Time to prepare.. Eat a nice breakfast cook by mrs. Roberth hehe (thanks a lot mba Dwi).
06.00 a.m.
Arrived at travel, meeting point and ready to JAKARTA. I’ve got no. 4 row near to the window seat.. Cus lack of sleeping time.. I fall a sleep easily.. And..
10.00 a.m.
JAKARTA.. Meet my “joya” Benja
Thank you Mas Rob for the ride to Cirebon and especially for the hospitality that you and Mba Dwi gave to me while I’m staying.. Ps: cool crib Mas..
Many thanks bro Zia and bro Sindhu for the live updates traffic condition in pantura.. Even the updates sometimes make me want to turn back the car to Semarang hehe..
Erika, the endless support that u gave to me.. The train ticket that I’m wasted.. Sorry and thank u..
The point is whatever the obstacle.. I will find a way to meet my family..
Jakarta, 25 Jul 15

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